NCCMTF Partnerships

NCCM Transformation Foundation helps support a number of different organizations. We are passionate about each partnership and the work they to help others in communities and globally to transform the world. Whether it be education, food, faith, or other resources, we are here to help make a difference in individuals lives.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters program is about asking responsible adults to mentor a child in need. Regular meetings with this child will help create a good role model for a successful future. LEARN MORE. 

Christian Network Team

Christian Network Team enhances the spiritual development of today’s business leaders by creating an environment where practical applications are combined with Biblical values. Your business is your ministry and your ministry is your business. LEARN MORE. 

Chuck Starnes

Chuck Starnes is a marriage counselor that believe marriage is worth fighting for. He give you the right tools to reconnect with your partner emotionally and rekindle the fire of love for one another. LEARN MORE.

Hope Academy

Hope Academy is a private school that supports K-12 God-centered education. It was established to prepare the next generation of leadership in a underprivileged community in Minneapolis, MN. LEARN MORE.

Hope International

HOPE International is a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization based in Lancaster, PA focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microenterprise development. Hannah Ruth is our partner and Minneapolis MN area representative. LEARN MORE.


Market 70 International is a global organization that equips business and organizations to use resources in their surroundings to thrive. They prepare to be spirit lead in all their operations. Bob and Linda Ryan are also partners to NCCM Company in spiritual transformation. LEARN MORE. 

Options For Women

Options for Women provides a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment for women and couples faced with an unexpected pregnancy. This is a free clinic that believes women deserve to make an informed decision about their future. LEARN MORE. 

RF Food Pantry

River Falls Food Pantry serves any individual or family in need of food within the River Falls, WI school district. Serving those in need with respect and dignity in the community. LEARN MORE.

Transform Our World

Transform Our World  is an alliance of marketplace and ministry individuals working together to make the world a better place. We want to see the presence and power of God meet the felt needs and the systemic challenges of our communities and the world at large. LEARN MORE.