Vehicles For Vocation

Vehicles for Vocations assists the working low income to purchase a vehicle for reliable transportation. Getting to and from work, running errands, getting kids to school can be difficult when a car is unavailable or unreliable. The recipient must be working or on a promising pathway to improvement as well as having insurance and a valid driver's license. Upon approval they can receive up to a $3,500 grant for a vehicle. The recipient will need to donate back in goodwill half the grant amount to Vehicles For Vocations based on their income abilities within a 24 month duration of time.

NCCM Transformation Founder Jewels Niccum (center) visits with a local recipient of the vehicles for vocations program.

How To Apply

Contact the foundation to start the process. After initial screening, you will need to fill out an application form (available at the Foundation or download):

click to download PDF

If awarded a grant, NCCM TF will work with you to finalize the details.

Is a meditative and prayerful time of movement and stretches that are traditionally formative of eastern practices of yoga. Holy Yoga is the transformation of all benefits of traditional yoga but recreated to glorify Jesus as your center and looking to Him and His word in and through the practice, in your breadth, movement and all aspects of how your soul, mind, will and emotions, your body and Spirit is created to heal and be excellent in every way. He has made everything beautiful in His time.

Contact your instructor, Jewels Niccum, through the foundation for more information about class times.