About Us

NCCM Transformation Foundation was founded in 2016 by the Niccum Family. NCCM Transformation Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit organization in River Falls, Wisconsin. We believe in improving the quality of life for others, while transforming communities and nations.

The vision

Transforming and training nations in the marketplace to have the greatest impact on individuals, family and communities of of the world for the greater Kingdom of God.

The Mission 

The Transformation Foundation is dedicated to national transformation through individuals and training to bring about a stronger community, worldwide change and an increased quality of life through relationship transformation, economic development, the biblical model of five transformational paradigms and prayer evangelism of Transform Our World.

Before widespread change in families, nations and the world can take place, individuals must realize their own potential and impact. By sharing God’s resources, the Transformation Foundation provides individuals with tangible resources, opportunities to grow in their faith, practical skills and transformational development through programs and marketplace training.

Niccum Family:

After starting NCCM Company in 2009, the Niccum family started giving back to the community and different organizations. NCCM Transformation Foundation was founded in 2016 out of proceeds from NCCM Company, their enterprise global business, and a concerted effort with NCCM Company employees and the Niccum Family. God had blessed them with his resources, to help others in need. For Brent and Jewels the vision of the Foundation was straight forward.